Percy jackson annabeth hypnotized fanfiction

Percy jackson annabeth hypnotized fanfiction

I decided to go with a new power for this chapter. Tell me what you think. The next chapter is gonna be a follow up on this one. After that it's been decided that thalia and Artemis are gonna be enslaved. Artemis by popular demand and thalia for a way for percy to get Artemis. If you would like to give me a idea on how he does it or scenes with them after that would be great as I think thalia and Artemis will be main characters from now on.

Anyways enjoy and I hope to have the next chapter up within 2 days time. It had a list of new powers the fates gave him. He read through descriptions of all of the new powers and discovered some let his slaves disobey his commands. Telepathic commands at first could be disobeyed until he developed that power more and was able to make it force the slave to do it.

Percy sat down and thought for a bit about the new powers and what he'd do with them and how to control them. Unfortunately percy wasn't good at planning. Annabeth was though. She was one of the smartest people he knew. Only if he could he that smart…. Suddenly percy had a idea. He gave a telepathic command to Annabeth to get seated in a chair outside the room. Annabeth was confused at hearing his voice in her head but nonetheless walked over and sat in a chair. Unfortunately I need your help with thinking of some stuff for it…" percy said trailing his hands up from her shoulders to her neck and head.

He leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "well I need your intellect. Not exactly you. With that percy activated the new drain ability. She screamed out as percy drained her intellect making him smarter at the expensive or making Annabeth dumber.

The note made percy aware that speed of which he drained made the light of the power more visible as well as cause the slave more pain. If he had chosen to slowly absorb her intellect it wouldn't have been as painful.When I got there people were slowly filing into their tables. It looked like everyone else was woken up by the same thing that woke me up. By the time I sat down the nymphs were going around bring people their breakfast. I got by usual blue pancakes and chocolate milk.

Just normal chocolate milk, its good enough already. When everyone way done eating Chiron dismissed us as it was too early for even him. Every cabin was given their tasks for the day. Mine was moving the lake out of the areas where it shouldn't be.

Descriptive I know but I don't know how else to describe it.

percy jackson annabeth hypnotized fanfiction

So after that I was tired so I went for a swim. Thought about maybe going to Atlantis but decided against it. After my swim everyone else was finishing their jobs for the day and it looked like we were almost all done.

It took a little bit of effort to find Annabeth, the effort was getting through the sea of Athena children to get to her. They had the job of designing the camp overhaul.

percy jackson annabeth hypnotized fanfiction

When I finally got to my beautiful girlfriend it looked like her mind was in ten different places at once. So we walked along the beach and talked. Well mainly she talked. I made the mistake of asking what's left to finish and then she went on for a good couple of minutes listing all the things that were left. I tried to listen but she looked so perfect in the sunset I just couldn't pay attention and I think she noticed.

She smiled and let out a little laugh, "I said that like five minutes ago. But I will give you some credit for lasting that long. How long have you been letting me drone on? I don't know, awhile.

Trying to keep her mind off of going back to work I asked while sitting facing the sunset "So what did the gods give you? She sat next to me and answered with "A new version of Daedalus' Laptop with all the work I had and this one can make an iris message to Daedalus himself anytime. How about you? I think each one gets me a favor or gift from whom ever I redeem it". Her stormy gray eyes had glazed over and gone distant.

I just that's what Hypnos meant by having them obey your every command. Annabeth when I ask you a question you will answer truthly them no matter what. Do you understand? Also from now on you will never call your breasts breasts or boobs. They are from now on tits or titties. Your vagina is now your pussy.

And your butt now is and forever will be your ass. Got it? Your will see Luke and Jason as only brothers or cousins.This is my first fanfiction, so go easy, but reviews would be very appreciated. Anyway, let's get into this.

It was in the morning, and Percy was sound asleep. He was alone of course in the Poseidon cabin, with Tyson away for the summer. He was dreaming of Annabeth, he did it a lot. He couldn't help it, she was just so perfect and hot. Her blonde hair draping down her back, her C cup tits in her battle armor It was a peaceful night, with him waking up to his alarm at to a bright and sunny Saturday.

I woke up, to the annoying buzz of my alarm. I got up, and went to go take a nice shower.

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The water was warm, but not too hot on my skin, just how I like it. I finish up, get dressed, and head to breakfast in the pavilion. I walk outside and see Annabeth walking over to me, as I proceed towards her. She's in her orange camp tshirt, with light blue booty shorts on.

I head over to her, about to say hello. I turn around to see Silena running over to me. I look back to Annabeth for a second but she's already moved away, heading for her Athena table. I look back at Silena. Apparently it's extremely important, so you have to come immediately.

I follow Silena to her cabin, and she opens the door to all of her sisters, but something immediately catching my eye. Well, more like someone. She's in human form, standing at about 5'5. She's wearing a pearl white dress hugging to her figure, with beautiful blue eyes and dirty blonde hair flowing straight down. She has incredible 32 DD's, and a damn nice perky ass.

Well now that you're here, we have important business to attend to. Come sit down. It's something that I've been working on, and I wanted you to be the first person to try it out.

It's a uhhh How do I describe it? Well, just try it out and see. It looks weird, but it smells nice though, like mint and strawberry mixed together.It was after the war with the Giants and the fall of Gaia, mother earth had fallen into a sleep once again, now the world, the Greek and Roman world, was now trying to recover after a vital hit.

All heroes were now resting their wounds and things were on their way to being normal as the Romans helped repair the damages dealt to the Greeks. At Camp Half-Blood, Percy Jackson was helping the water-spirits and nymphs of the lake, cleaning the wreckage that appeared. After a hard day's work, and several kisses for thanks, the son of Poseidon made his way back to his cabin.

All by himself, the sea-child laid in bed to relax as he started thinking of all he's been through; finding Zeus' bolt, finding the Fleece, but let Clairese La'Rue take all credit, rescuing Artemis and stopping Atlas to save Annabeth, survived the Labyrinth, fought Kronos and many gods and titans, saved Camp Jupiter by freeing Thanatos and finding the lost eagle of the legion, fought through Tartaros and old enemies in the pit, including several primordials, and killed off the giants to save the world, Gaia was a different matter though.

The young man thought on it all and said, "Man I'm glad to be alive Interesting word choice, Jackson. Appearing before him was the old god of death, Thanatos. His long black hair, was down as he still looked the same as before, dark skin, golden eyes, brown loincloth and very buff with his signature black wings.

Percy lowered his defense saying, "Please tell me it's not my time I just went through Hell and back U in that small book, when opening it, place your finger on the name and say it, you'll be taken to them or you'll summon them as they'll give you what it is, either a power or maybe even gift. Since I appeared to give you the name and might as well give you my thanks. I shall give you something I call Death Perception, it'll allow you to see weaknesses and weak spots.

I was going to do wings, but the air is more in Zeus' territory. Now, I'll be off, my job doesn't wait. Opening the book revealed at least six or more pages with the names of those who feel appreciative in big letters, and in ABC order. Percy looked through as he saw something interesting, Hypnos, god of sleep.

Maybe he'd give Percy some super soft pillow or bed that can adjust in anyway. When summoning the god, Percy soon felt sleepy as he saw the brother of death before him. The god appeared like his brother, but was lighter in skin tone, had white wings, silver hair and silver eyes as he stretched, "Alright, kid, you summoned me. Now let's get on with this. Percy said, "Okay, what can you give me as thanks for all that I've done? Since the word 'hypnosis' deprives from me, I'll grant this ability to you, just say how you'd like to do it.

percy jackson annabeth hypnotized fanfiction

Alright, but I'm adding some another feature, just snap your fingers when not in battle and the person or thing will do as you say, good bye. Percy thought on what to do as he said, "Well When getting out of the cabin, Annabeth arrived as she hugged her boyfriend. The daughter of Athena wore the camp shirt, some denim shorts, red sneakers as her blonde hair waved with the wind. She said, "So, I thought I'd come see my favorite hero, I just finished some repairs and thought we could hang out.

He soon said, "Well, I got something to show you, wise-girl. Come on, I'll show you. Annabeth said, "What is it winning at a starring contest? Her grey eyes shrank to some dots and grew as Percy saw Annabeth giving off colorful rings in her eyes; now Percy remembered what Hypnos meant by Kaa, the Jungle Book snake.

Percy looked as Annabeth looked like she was resisting, but Percy decided to play hypnotist for a bit, "Annabeth, your will is weakening, your body is getting looser, be my puppet," he couldn't believe what he was saying but Annabeth tried to speak, "Percy She soon sat there with her eyes giving off the colorful rings and with a bimbo smile.

Percy decided to have some fun, he ordered, "Annabeth, inhale your own sneaker. The daughter of Athena soon placed the whole shoe to her nose and inhaled.

Percy chuckled as he soon said, "Okay, now pretend you are a dog.The best thing about being the only child to one of the gods, was that Percy had an entire cabin to himself. That meant that he didn't have to worry about being too loud or up too late.

His showers could take as long as he like, which came in handy after a night of dreaming if you know what I mean. If it weren't for the weekly cabin checks, he wouldn't ever have to clean. But by far, the biggest advantage of him having the cabin to himself, was that he could have Annabeth over anytime he wanted without fear of interruption. Percy opened a can of coke as he watched his girlfriend begin to stir.

He knew that despite her best efforts, unless she had fought in a battle during the day, she couldn't sleep through the night. So, after all the lights had gone off in the Athena cabin, Percy carried Annabeth from her bed to his.

Percy watched as Annabeth attempted to wipe the drowsiness from her eyes only to find that both of her wrists had been tied to bedposts. She then tried her legs to find that they too were tied down.

Percy watched as fear grew in her eyes, she looked around trying to find where she was and how to escape. That was until she felt a shiver as wind ran across, what she now realized, was her naked skin.

All she had on were a pair of panites and a strapless bra that she hadn't been wearing when she had gone to bed.

Percy felt himself get turned on at the fear in her eyes, his hand stroked himself through his jeans as he watched her work up a sweat pulling against her restraints, looking around for a way out. He decided to stay in the shadows as he spoke, "Now, I hope you know how much trouble you're in. You need to be punished. You have to untie me. God, if you want me to fuck you all you had to do was ask, it's not like I'm not in here every other week.

Do you understand me whore? She had never seen him like this, never imagined him like this, it was frightening.

Percy's And Annabeth's fight

I thought this might be easier to take off as opposed to having to rip the shirt you sleep in. She seemed to hesitate, unsure whether she should answer, but slowly she nodded. But then you started talking. Do you know what you said? Now I didn't have much time so I had to get you back here, it was hot to hear you dreaming about someone fucking your tight pussy. But just as I was about to pick you up your dream seemed to climax and you moaned my name, loudly.

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Anyway," He continued, now sitting back on his legs and removing his shirt. How could I feel guilty, for giving you what you wanted? He could see Annabeth deflate as the prospect of pleasure was taken away. That means that I get all the pleasure-" He said, grinding his covered hard on against her drenched pussy, causing Annabeth's eyes to roll into the back of her head. He got of the bed and unbuttoned his jeans, Annabeth pulled against her restraints to see what he was doing.

The dark denim hit the floor followed by cotton boxers, He then climbed over her until he was straddling her chest and he was looking straight down at her. He lowered his dick so it rested between the gap of her cleavage that the bra she was still wearing showed.

Annabeth couldn't breath and her eyes began to water as Percy held his dick firmly in her mouth without moving.I got some ideas for this from hypno and Connorkenway00, go and read their stories, they're all really good. Authors, if you feel you deserve some credit for what I write in this, please let me know.

I was in the woods, taking a walk, when a bright flash made me stop in my tracks. Annabeth was in her cabin doing some smart Athena-ey stuff, and she told me she would come meet me in the woods soon, but there was no way she was done yet.

After the bright light died out, I looked and saw Aphrodite, clad in a teeny shirt that looked way too small for her, and a very short skirt that hugged her figure tightly. I got down on my knees and said, "Lady Aphrodite, what may I do for you? She looked at me and said, "You may rise.

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And it is not so much what you may do for me, but what I am going to do for you. After you have saved Olympus twice, and both times declined rewards from the gods, I have decided to reward you with gifts. None of the other gods know this, and everything you do with them will be hidden from their sight.

I have made it so they will not question or even notice the fact that they cannot see you at times. Everyone in the Seven will be receiving them, but your girlfriend will get gifts that are almost the same. Percy Jackson, step forward. Every time you snap, they will fall into a deeper trance.

When you clap, they will wake. You will also have the ability to 'claim' anyone, or make them your slave that will love you by cumming in a female's pussys. When you do so, a symbol will appear on their right ass cheek, which will glow pink every time you call on them. Once someone is claimed by you, you can communicate telepathically with them and they will follow any orders as if you are there with them. You can communicate with one slave at a time or them all at once.

Finally, as the son of Poseidon, you will be able to make someone cum at will, keep them on edge indefinitely, and or make them instantly wet or horny. I will now transport you to your cabin. You will fall asleep and when you wake, you will be able to use all of these gifts. I put away my blueprints and books and turned around towards the door of my empty cabin. Suddenly, there was a flash that I instantly recognised as a god entering the room. I closed my eyes and when the light receded, I looked around and saw the goddess of love.

I bowed and said, "Hello, Lady Aphrodite. Why are you here? Thus, I have decided to give all members of the Seven gifts. Unfortunately, Zeus would not approve, so none of the other gods will know about this. I have blocked their vision from all the members of the Seven, and have made it do that the gods will not notice or question the fact that they cannot see you. Percy Jackson has been given similar gifts as you, but if you would like to know what they are, it is his decision.

Every time you snap, they will fall 10 times deeper into the trance. Whenever someone eats out your pussy, they will gain a mark on their left ass cheek and become your loyal slaves. It will glow pink every time you call on them. For being the first demigod to successfully return the Athena Parthenos, you will be given an additional gift - the ability to change your or any other female's appearance.

And as a daughter of Athena, you will be given the gift to alter someone's mind. You do not have to have claimed someone to communicate telepathically with them, you can also read and influence minds, and alter someone's IQ. If I have inquiries as to how my gifts work, how might I contact you?

Now, I have used a spell so everyone else will be driven away so no-one else will come to the cabin. You will now sleep, and when you wake, you will be able to use your new gifts.Hey guys, it's me, Fourtimesthesteak, and I've got yet another series for you. This one is obviously Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Percy rapes a bunch of girls. Some of these stories are not rape though, just sex or porn. In the chapter title, it will have the word rape in parenthesis, if it is rape, or it will have sex, gay, or lesbian written next to it, according to the story. This story is Percy X Annabeth rape. I don't own anything besides the story. Not even Percy Jackson. Dont like, don't read.

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Now, on with the show! Or should I say story? Percy first person P. I walked over to my Iris message fountain, in my cabin, and washed my face, to wake me up. I had gotten up extra early, because I had something I wanted to do. I was going to rape someone. And I had a reason too. It was about a week ago, me and Annabeth were sitting in the woods, talking about everything and nothing. It was hot, and she took off her shirt, because she still had on a gray sports bra on under.

I was staring at her boobs, and I couldn't help myself. I pushed her onto the forest floor, and yanked down her pants, before she could react, revealing her beautiful, tan, shaved vagina.

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She screamed, and Chiron came running or should I say trotting over. He saw me, and sent me to clean the horse stables for a week. My punishment was finally over, and I was going to get payback on Annabeth, even if it ment stealing her virginity. I walked out of my cabin, and over to the Athena cabin and slowly opened the cabin door.

percy jackson annabeth hypnotized fanfiction

I peered inside, and saw a bunch of girls, lying on the ground, or in cots. Some were naked, and laying on top of their naked brothers, others were just naked, and some were wearing pajamas, sleeping alone. I walked over to Annabeth, who was laying on the ground, not too far away from the door, along with a girl who still had her brother's penis in her mouth, both of them sleeping.

Just the sight made me start to get horny, and a little bit hard. I focused on my mission, and picked up Anna, careful not to wake her up. I carried her all the way back to my cabin. I took all of her clothes off of her, and waited for her to wake up, but fell asleep waiting. Annabeth first person P.

When I woke up, the first thing I saw was Percy, sitting naked, across from me.

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